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Live every day like a Ceremony

Live every day like a Ceremony

Gilaskas’la (Welcome)

Red Girl Rising is passionately committed to championing the creation of safe and inclusive movement opportunities for individuals and communities. Our mission is to enable people to unlock their inherent potential and thrive. We firmly believe in the power of movement to facilitate transformative experiences and foster personal growth and achievement.

In collaboration with community-serving groups, organizations, and businesses, Red Girl Rising works diligently to craft movement programs, workshops and camps that align with our mission and the unique needs of your community. We are flexible and able to bring our services directly to your community. In situations where space is required, we can assist in arranging suitable options. Rest assured, we will provide all the necessary equipment for your movement program. We are also excited to announce that we now offer online options, making our inclusive movement experiences accessible to an even wider audience!

At Red Girl Rising, we recognize that physical well-being is intricately intertwined with mental, emotional, and spiritual wellness. We are dedicated to cultivating a supportive environment where everyone can access and embrace these transformative experiences. Through our programs, we aim to empower individuals, encouraging them to reach unprecedented heights of personal growth and achievement.

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Red Girl Rising programs are offered as a collaborative effort between Red Girl Rising and the host community, organization, or business. We acknowledge the unique needs and wants in our communities and create tailored programs, workshops and camps that meet these needs and wants.

Interested in supporting our movement programs? We’d love to hear from you! Please email us at and we’d be happy to chat!