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Movement as Medicine

Movement as Medicine

Programs & Packages

Red Girl Rising programs are offered as a collaborative effort between Red Girl Rising and the host community, organization, or business.

We acknowledge the unique needs and wants in our communities and create tailored programs, workshops and camps that meet these needs and wants.

The easiest way to get in touch, make a booking, or ask any questions is to use the form below and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can!

You can also email us at with any questions you may have.

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Please note that the following program and package options are merely a foundation on which to build a completely custom and collaborative program, workshop, or camp. Email to learn more!

Indigenous Wellness Spaces

The following programs – created and run by Red Girl Rising – are available in Nanaimo, BC at no cost to the community. Please email for more information.

Team 700

British Columbia’s First Competitive Indigenous Youth Boxing Team

Team 700’s journey began as a shared vision between founder and coach, Ivy, and the Nanaimo Indigenous Youth Advisory Council.

Team 700 is a family, with the name holding deep meaning. It represents the approximate number of youths who age out of government care each year in BC, a staggering statistic that now stands closer to 1,000. With many of the team’s initial athletes having firsthand experience in government care, this number resonates with team members on a profound level. It symbolizes their collective journey and inspires them to create positive change.

At Team 700, they prioritize Indigenous youth who have lived government care experience. The team provides a safe space—a family—where Indigenous youth can find support, guidance, and the tools they need to navigate life successfully. Boxing serves as more than just a sport; it becomes an outlet for self-expression and a catalyst for personal growth. Within the ring and beyond, Team 700 aims to exemplify Indigenous excellence and inspire greatness.

WINA Wellness

Indigenous Women’s Movement Program

Wina, meaning “warrior” in Kwak’wala, is a wellness program dedicated to fostering safe and empowering spaces for Indigenous women and girls, founded on the principle of movement as medicine.

This space was created to provide a platform for women to connect, strengthen their mental, emotional, spiritual and physical wellbeing, and empower themselves and in turn their community.

What people are saying about RGR

Ivy Richardson and Team 700 is skilled, friendly, and good medicine with everything they do across communities. As the leader, Ivy is an inspiring young woman and such a great model for those she trains and hires as workers. She is the the change we seek in this world. Hope and Health has had the honor to work with Ivy and her team in the past three years and we are consistently impressed with the energy and teachings they bring to the youth and our coaches as well!

Ivy is a coach who pushed me to the edge of my being and taught me that I have strength even when I feel like I can’t go any further.   She’s a powerful, kindhearted, and insightful person who will not only teach you authentic technique and drills but help you develop mental stamina.  Anyone who has the privilege to learn from Ivy Richardson is a lucky person!  I highly recommend her classes.  110%!

We hired Ivy for an all-female boxing camp, she was extremely accommodating and easy to work with and the camp she delivered for young females was exceptional. Would recommend to any organizations and communities looking for boxing facilitators!

It has been an honour to paddle alongside Ivy in supporting youth in the Nanaimo community.  Words don’t do justice to how grateful I am to have her supporting our students.  Our school mission statement is “Improving the life chances of every student.”  The work that Ivy leads with Red Girl Rising and Team 700 improves the life chances of every student that participates, and some students shared how using movement as medicine helped save their life.  Ivy wholeheartedly believes that every person can find success in the gym, classroom, and community.  Her passion to create a safe, supportive, and culturally rich learning space not only engages our students, it engages and inspires our staff.  We all love Ivy and how she lives every day like a ceremony.  I wholeheartedly recommend her to lead movement for any age and ability.

Ivy has such a kind spirit, and it shines through in the work she does. I’ve had the pleasure of participating in her virtual and in person classes and I’ve also organized for her to facilitate both virtual and in person workshops for our community. She has created a beautiful space to move with intent, allowing indigenous folks of all demographics to feel safe while nourishing their bodies, minds and spirits. We cannot wait to host her in our community in the near future.